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Man United voted Premier League club with most disliked fanbase, with Liverpool and Leeds United making top six

Man United voted Premier League club with most disliked fanbase, with Liverpool and Leeds United making top six

From Manchester United and Liverpool to Chelsea and Arsenal, here are the Premier League clubs with the most disliked fanbases.

Manchester United have been named as the Premier League club with the most disliked fanbase ahead of fierce rivals Liverpool, a new study has found.

Midnite spearheaded the study and spoke with 1,002 fans who attend Premier League matches to learn about their thoughts on different fanbases in England’s top-flight competition.

According to the findings, United came out on top after taking home the lion’s share of the vote at 19.9 per cent, with one in five voting for the Red Devils’ fanbase.

Following behind United were none other than Liverpool, who took home 15.6 per cent of the votes in the study.

London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal came third and four respectively with 9.2 per cent and 8.8 per cent of the votes, with Leeds United and Tottenham tied for fifth place.

Midnite revealed that Spurs and Leeds took home 6.6 per cent of the votes apiece.

The findings found that Liverpool fans shared the biggest dislike for United supporters, which came in at 42.68 per cent.

The Reds’ fanbase, surprisingly, showed a much deeper dislike for United than they did their crosstown rivals Everton, who received only 5.5 per cent of the vote from Liverpool fans.

United fans, meanwhile, voted Leeds as their most disliked fanbase ahead of Liverpool, with Leeds receiving 7.9 per cent of the votes.

Leeds fans, unsurprisingly, also shared their dislike predominately for United and 35.7 per cent of them voted for the Red Devils.


Moving down south and Tottenham fans’ intense dislike was directed towards north London rivals Arsenal, who secured 38 per cent of the votes from Spurs supporters.

Arsenal fans, on the other hand, had a lower percentage of voters who disliked Spurs’ fanbase, with Tottenham receiving 25 per cent of the votes from Gunners supporters.

Nottingham Forest came out on top as the fanbase with the nicest set of supporters after only receiving 0.6% of the votes against them.

“Liverpool have been voted the best away fans in the Premier League, 2 per cent more than Manchester United, which shows the force of fans these two giant clubs have even when playing away from home,” a Midnite spokesperson said.

“Manchester City have 23.6 per cent of the vote because they are known to have a passionate away group of fans that stems from those who watched the Cityzens play every week at Maine Road in the second and third English division.

“There’s no surprise that the two biggest English football clubs also have the most disliked fan bases as they brag about their past glory, but Leeds United have put themselves amongst the top six, replacing Manchester City as one of the most disliked sets of fans.”

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