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It’s been claimed that Roy Keane changes his personality when away from the cameras

It’s been claimed that Roy Keane changes his personality when away from the cameras

Keane is a popular pundit in the world of football.

It has been claimed that Roy Keane is a different person away from the cameras and has been labelled as the life of the party.

The former Manchester United captain is often regarded as one of the scariest characters in football due to his no-nonsense approach.

However, ITV’s lead football commentator Sam Matterface has claimed that when away from the spotlight, Keane is not the same person as many people see on their television screens.

Matterface said to Metro: “Roy Keane is always the life of the party. He pretends to be steely but he’s one of the most humorous men you’ll ever meet. He’s so funny. I work very closely with Lee Dixon, who’s brilliant company.”


Matterface always said positive things about other members of the ITV team.

He added: “We’re really lucky that Ally McCoist is going to be with us for a couple of games. John Hartson is going to be with me as well for Wales. I really get on well with Karen Carney. But most of my time is spent with Lee Dixon. 'Dicko' has great stories.”

During an appearance on Gary Neville’s The Overlap, Keane recalled a night out he had with then-United teammate Eric Cantona.

He said: “As I said, [Cantona was] a brilliant personality in the dressing room when you're travelling with him. A good guy, a classy guy. And as I said, really, really good on a night out as well. I'm surprised we saw him drinking a pint, when we used to go out, there was always champagne, he's obviously made a few bobs in his time at United.

“The game is about characters and personalities, and Eric was up there with the best, but he also produced, he also produced on a matchday. A lot of clubs can have mavericks, but they don't turn up at the weekend, they're kind of lads during the week.”


Keane added: “But Eric turned up on a Saturday and done the business, and particularly in my time at the club he scored so many big goals in big games. And ultimately, that's what it's about and I think that's why the fans love him as well.”

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Sky Sports

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