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Liverpool's famous atmosphere mocked as fan is spotted playing games on his phone

Liverpool's famous atmosphere mocked as fan is spotted playing games on his phone

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur were locked in an absolute Premier League classic but one fan was too distracted.

A Liverpool fan has been mocked for playing a game on his phone, during the team's instant classic with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

Winning 4-3 at Anfield with a last minute goal has a certain ring to it when it comes to epic matches in the Premier League, and it was no different at the weekend.

Of course, unlike the famous game with Newcastle United, it was the victorious Liverpool manager's reaction to the winning goal that will long be remembered, unlike Kevin Keegan's in 1997.

Fans of the Reds went from absolutely bouncing, at 3-0 up in just 15 minutes, to wondering how they'd thrown it all away, to being absolutely jubilant at full time.

However, not everyone was joining in with the excitement of the match, with one fan being caught playing a game on his phone whilst the action unfolded.

As you can see in the video below, it's not like there was a significant break in play at the time, with Spurs about to take a corner at 3-1 down.

"Tourist ground. He’ll be at The Beatles Tour in half an hour followed by a beer and a selfie in The Cavern. Anfield is rife with them," claimed one fan.

"Anfield is basically Waltons version of Disney. Just with more clowns," added a second.

On a similar vibe, another proclaimed, "A lot of the crowd in the Premier league seem to be tourists they are there for the bucket list experience," not that playing on a phone is much of an experience.

"Understandable if this was a Spurs fan after 15 minutes into the game," joked a fourth fan.

A fifth mocked the atmosphere at the ground, replying, "That famous Anfield atmosphere is rocking the stadium."

"What’s the point in going to a game if you’re just going to film someone sat playing a game on a phone while it’s on?", questioned another, rather astute, fan.

And a sixth supporter claimed scenes like these had stopped him going, posting, "That’s one if the reasons I gave my season ticket back they are turning into a tourist attraction while real fans can’t afford to go."

Kwizly Quiz

In fairness to the fan, the action on the pitch wasn't necessarily the most explosive part of the match, with Klopp lucky not to get sent off for his celebration for Diogo Jota's match winning goal.

The German continued his anti-referee agenda in his post match interview, claiming referee Paul Tierney had something against him and the club.

You don't get drama like that playing on your phone, even Stick Cricket!

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter

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