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People are just realising Lionel Messi's Instagram post which broke world record was 'fake'

People are just realising Lionel Messi's Instagram post which broke world record was 'fake'

The post has over 74 million likes.

Lionel Messi's record-breaking Instagram post after Argentina won the World Cup includes a 'fake' trophy.

Messi lifted international football's highest honour last month following a dramatic penalty shootout victory over France in Qatar.

The Paris Saint-Germain superstar shared several images from the celebrations on the Lusail Stadium turf later in the evening, which quickly overtook an egg to become the platform's most-liked post.

It's now been claimed the trophy Messi and his teammates were showing off was a copy. FIFA removed the original cup shortly after the trophy lift, which is standard protocol.

Argentina's players were focused on celebrating, failing to notice the replica trophy. Angel Di Maria was the first to pick up on it not being real.

He then informed Messi, who as captain was tasked with leading the celebrations. The trophy was actually made by an Argentine couple named Manuel and Paula.

Both wanted the trophy to be signed by the La Albiceleste squad during their stay in the Middle East. How did it end up on the pitch?

They told El Pais: "The idea was that the players could sign it, but in the end the cup entered the field of play three times. The first one was taken by a relative of (Leandro) Paredes, and he signed it.

Messi's post on Instagram. (Image
Lionel Messi/Instagram)

"There I yelled at a couple of players 'if you see the cup that Paredes has, it's ours', and in the end Lautaro Martínez brought it, who also signed it. FIFA personnel came there and asked us to confirm that it was not the original."

Messi returned to PSG training on Wednesday after missing their initial return to action.

Reflecting upon winning the World Cup, his second trophy with the national team after the 2021 Copa America, the 35-year-old admitted he'd been dreaming of it all his life.

Messi with the actual World Cup trophy. (Image

His caption read: “CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! So many times I dreamed it, so much I wanted it that I still didn’t fall, I can't believe it......

"Thank you so much to my family, to all who support me and also to all who believed in us. We proved once again that when Argentinians fight together and are united we are able to achieve what our aims.

"The merit belongs to this group, which is above individualities, it is the strength of all fighting for the same dream that was also one of all Argentinians. We did it!!! LET'S GO ARGENTINA DAMN!!!!! We’ll see each other very soon.”

Featured Image Credit: Lionel Messi/Instagram & Alamy

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