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Lionel Messi runs through half the team despite being manhandled, you simply can't stop him

Lionel Messi runs through half the team despite being manhandled, you simply can't stop him

Lionel Messi is off to America, but some think he is still too good for MLS.

Joining an MLS side tends to signify that an elite player is past his best, but that might not be the case with Lionel Messi.

Two years after joining Paris Saint-Germain after 17 years spent at Barcelona, Messi will join American side Inter Miami over the summer.

Messi's two-year stint in Paris was an unhappy marriage, one that never looked likely to be extended after the expiration of his contract.

Despite attempts by Barcelona and Saudi Arabian side Al-Hilal to sign Messi, the seven-time Ballon d'Or winner opted to take up the challenge at MLS' worst team.

There has been no shortage of legendary footballers who have moved across the Atlantic to pick up one final pay cheque in a lower-quality league.

David Beckham was the modern era trendsetter, and he was followed by the likes of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Andrea Pirlo.

All of them had little impact in the league, their minds and bodies already in retirement mode.

But as his latest astonishing performance for Argentina suggests, that might not be the case with Messi.

Winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar would have been the perfect ride into the sunset moment for Messi at international level, but instead, he decided to continue representing his nation.

On Thursday Messi captained Argentina in a friendly against Australia in China and put in a mesmeric display.

It took just two minutes for the 35-year-old to side-step a defender and curl a beautiful effort into the top corner of the goal, but it was another moment that captured attention on Twitter.

In the closing stages with his side 2-0 up, Messi started to toy with his opponents.

Receiving the ball under pressure around the centre of the pitch, Messi shrugged off an attempted shirt pull before slaloming his way past not one, not two, but three helpless Australians.

On Twitter, fans simply couldn't believe that a player with that amount of talent left in his left foot has decided to go and join one of the weakest sides in MLS.

"The league simply isn’t ready for him," said one fan, while another warned: "He's gonna tear everything up."

For some, the thought of Messi leaving Europe despite still being so good was hard to stomach.

"I thought I was fine with him leaving Europe but I’m absolutely shattered now," another said.

With Inter Miami rooted to the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference with just five wins from 17 games, Messi will need to be at his best.

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