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Laura Woods 'flipped off' talkSPORT listener without realising she's on camera, her reaction is priceless

Laura Woods 'flipped off' talkSPORT listener without realising she's on camera, her reaction is priceless

"I think that's class, makes me rate her even more." Laura Woods had a priceless reaction when she realised she was still on camera.

Fan-favourite TV presenter Laura Woods hilariously flipped off a talkSPORT caller on live radio, only to later realise she was still on camera.

Joined in the studio by Gabby Agbonlahor, Woods pulled up a message from one caller who called out the Aston Villa hero for allegedly mispronouncing Joelinton.

The caller, named Ross, claimed that talkSPORT pundit Agbonlahor called the 26 -year-old Newcastle star ‘Jilllinton’ instead of Joelinton.

Responding to Ross’ claim, Agbonlahor said live on talkSPORT: “I did say Joelinton, though.

“But someone said he’s been playing left wing for four games -- yes, I know -- but last season, the start of this season his best form was in centre midfield. There.”

Woods, who also defended Agbonlahor, was left in stitches by the caller’s message before wishing Ross the best of days on his way to work in Nottingham.

However, the former Sky Sports presenter was blissfully unaware that the live feed was still on screen, even after cutting to a break.

Eagle-eyed fans hilariously spotted Woods sticking a middle finger up at her screen, only to appear mortified seconds later.

Footage from the broadcast, which can be viewed above in the video player, quickly made the rounds on social media as fans loved what they saw from Woods.


“Gotta love Laura Woods, man,” one fan simply said.

Another commented: “I think that’s class, makes me rate her even more.”

Someone else added: “Thought it was funny, I’m happy with the bite from them both.”

“She mentioned it after about being on camera as well,” a fourth fan said.

While one fan wrote: “The look on her face after.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/talkSPORT

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