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Ex-Real Madrid doctor claimed Cristiano Ronaldo isn't the greatest athlete he worked with at the club

Ex-Real Madrid doctor claimed Cristiano Ronaldo isn't the greatest athlete he worked with at the club

Ronaldo was not number one.

A former Real Madrid doctor admitted that Cristiano Ronaldo was not the greatest athlete he has ever worked with.

Ronaldo is currently playing for Saudi Pro League side Al Nassr, and the 39-year-old is showing no signs of bringing his illustrious playing career to an end.

The Portugal legend, who was the top goalscorer in the world across major leagues in 2023, has remained in peak physical condition.

His commitment to fitness and wellbeing has been present throughout his career, with many anecdotes of his hard work in training.

In fact, during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, Ronaldo turned up to a Juventus training session four hours early - so that he could complete fitness drills.

The following year, he made headlines when pushing away a Coca-Cola can that was placed on his table during a Euro 2020 press conference. Afterwards, he told a packed press room to 'drink water' instead.

However, former Real Madrid doctor Jesus Olmo, who worked closely with Ronaldo at the Bernabeu, believes one of the Portuguese icon's ex-team-mates was a more complete athlete.

"Possibly the best athlete I've seen is Gareth Bale," Olmo told Spanish outlet Ideal in 2020.

"He's a natural athlete, capable of excelling at practically any sport. He has unusual genetics and athletic ability, and I would say technical ability as well.

"He's the one who impressed me most in all aspects, although there is then performance, which comes about from different circumstances."

Bale's incredible physical capabilities, and his searing pace and strength, were on show throughout his career, with the former Tottenham and Real Madrid winger regularly tearing apart defences.

The Wales international retired from professional football in January 2023 following the World Cup.

The 34-year-old is now practicing more regularly at golf. His agent revealed last year that he rejected an offer from League Two side Wrexham to make a return to football, citing his lack of appetite to play again.

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