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Danny Murphy makes baffling pick for next Barcelona coach after naming star who has never managed before

Danny Murphy makes baffling pick for next Barcelona coach after naming star who has never managed before

Danny Murphy choses someone who isn't even a manager as his pick for next Barcelona coach.

Danny Murphy has made a very bold choice over who he believes is best suited to take over the reins at Barcelona after Xavi departs in the summer.

Xavi announced his decision to leave the club at the end of the season.

He said: “I want to announce that on June 30 I will no longer continue as the coach at Barça. I think the situation needs to change course, I cannot allow the current situation.”

Since this shocking news, there have been constant rumours over who will join the Spanish giants in the summer, with Mikel Arteta being one of the most popular names thrown around by bookmakers.

However, thankfully for Arsenal fans, Arteta came out to deny rumours of him jumping ship at the end of the year following reports from Diario SPORT stating he would leave Arsenal.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference, he said: "No. That’s totally fake news. What I read yesterday I don’t know where it’s coming from. I’m really upset about it."

Danny Murphy would like Barcelona to take a different route and put their faith in someone who isn't even a manager, as he gave his baffling verdict on talkSPORT.

“I’d give it to Messi, the fans are on board straight away. Everything he touches turns to gold," Murphy said with confidence.

"He was put on this earth to do amazing things. It’s not going to stop in management.”

Messi with Xavi- Getty
Messi with Xavi- Getty

Despite the obvious complications of Messi not being an actual qualified manager, the Argentine would also be tied up with his duties as a footballer as Inter Miami will be in the middle of their MLS campaign when it is suggested Messi would take over.

Last year, the 36-year-old also disclosed that he has no plans to venture into management. However, he expressed openness to remaining involved in football in an alternative capacity.

"I don't really intend to be a coach, but Zidane said exactly that and after that, he became a coach and won the Champions League 3 times," Messi told Star+.

"I like sporting director, team building, and accompanying coaches but I'm not entirely sure either."

Featured Image Credit: talkSPORT and Getty

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