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Atletico Madrid become the first club to reject the European Super League

Atletico Madrid become the first club to reject the European Super League

Plans for a new European Super League have been revealed but one club have confirmed they won't be taking part.

Atletico Madrid have become the first club to officially reject the European Super League after plans to relaunch it emerged.

The proposal was knocked back by UEFA and FIFA back in 2021 but the European Court of Justice have sided with the ESL, which is now aiming to get up and running again.

In response to the ruling, A22 Sports Management, the company beyond the project, unveiled a new format which would see 64 teams compete across three divisions.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are driving forces behind the proposal but Atletico have distanced themselves from any association.

A statement from the club on Thursday read: "Atlético de Madrid, after analyzing the ruling of the European Court of Justice, would like to express the following:

"1. The resolution regarding the framework for prior authorization of other competitions refers to outdated UEFA statutes that were already amended in June 2022.

"2. The European Club Association (ECA) and UEFA have established a partnership that renders the consideration of UEFA as a monopoly meaningless. Through agreements within this joint venture, clubs decide 50% on the sale of sponsorship and television rights, revenue distribution, and competition formats.

"3. The European football community does not support the European Super League. Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain (except for Real Madrid and Barcelona), etc. oppose the Super League. We advocate for protecting the broader European football family, preserving domestic leagues, and securing qualification for European competitions through on-field performance each season."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

La Liga's official social media account reacted to the news, branding the ESL

"a selfish and elitist model".

Atleti's stance was followed by a swift statement from Manchester United, who were one of the main architects of plans two years ago.

This time around, the club stressed that they have no desire to move away from UEFA competitions.

Manchester United has issued the following statement in reaction to today's judgement by the European Court of Justice on the European Super League:

A statement on the official club website said: "Our position has not changed. We remain fully committed to participation in UEFA competitions, and to positive cooperation with UEFA, the Premier League, and fellow clubs through the ECA on the continued development of the European game."

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