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Fans feel Kaka has been disrespected after Kevin De Bruyne comparison

Fans feel Kaka has been disrespected after Kevin De Bruyne comparison

Kaka is one of the finest players to ever grace a football pitch

Fans can’t quite believe that Kaka has been compared with Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne.

On Saturday night, De Bruyne became a European champion after City clinched the Champions League with a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in Istanbul.

However, De Bruyne’s match was cut short after a hamstring injury meant he had to be replaced by Phil Foden in the 36th minute.

The Belgian is one of the finest players to ever play in the Premier League but fans have been left baffled after one Twitter user asked who is the better player between De Bruyne and Brazil legend Kaka.

On Twitter, the user posted a picture of both players’ stats. De Bruyne has had 169 goals and 285 assists in 684 matches. Whilst Kaka recorded 190 goals and 166 assists in 621 games.

Fans were quick to label the tweet as disrespectful towards the former AC Milan and Real Madrid star.

One said: “Y'all disrespect other players cos of the EPL tax you all bank on. He is not touching Kaka pls.”

Another tweeted: “This is soooo disrespectful. KDB as been excellent for 5 years now, but he still couldn't lace the boots of Kaka. Stop this nonsense.”

A third fan added: “While it's challenging to compare players from different eras and positions, I'd personally choose KAKA, although this doesn't diminish De Bruyne's brilliance as a star player in his own team, position, and era.”

Someone else wrote: “Even De Bruyne would choose Kaka.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “I love De Bruyne but Kaká was on another level. He was the beast and was good in everything. Legend and my favourite. Still have his shirt.”

After the final, De Bruyne said: “It's amazing. We've been working so hard for this and to be a part of this, the history for the club and for everything we did as a team I think we fully deserved it.

“We haven't lost in the Champions League this year so... it wasn't the best game but finals are always difficult and now it's time to celebrate.”

De Bruyne or Kaka? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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