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Kate Abdo stuns fans with effortless translations of multiple languages on CBS Sport Golazo Champions League show

Kate Abdo stuns fans with effortless translations of multiple languages on CBS Sport Golazo Champions League show

Abdo was presenting on the American Champions League football show 'CBS Sports Golazo' where she showed off her multi-lingual skills.

Kate Abdo stunned viewers on CBS Sports Golazo last night as she effortlessly translated multiple interviews across several languages.

This was part of the highly-popular American Champions League show 'CBS Sports Golazo' which Abdo presents, typically alongside Thierry Henry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards.

Abdo, 41, is a highly successful sports broadcaster and works across multiple sports including football and boxing.

But since hosting the show with the trio of former football stars, it's proven incredibly popular for a number of hilarious moments, including Richards' attempts to re-create Xabi Alonso's touch on the sidelines.

But it was her impressive language skills that caught the eye on this particular occasion, as she smoothly switched between languages live on air in an impressive demonstration.

Firstly, she went live to Kylian Mbappe's interview following their 2-1 victory away at Juventus and proceeded to translate word for word in real time.

Directly after, she quickly moved on to Federico Valverde's interview, from earlier in the evening, in Spanish before switching to Red Bull Leipzig's manager Marco Rose, operating this time in German.

On completion of her final interview with Rose, she received a swift fist-bump from Henry, who was quick to show his respect, with Carragher and Richards also quick to compliment her on her incredible multi-lingual skills.

However, she was then jokingly put to the test by Carragher, who challenged her to translate his Liverpudlian 'scouse' accent, as he spiralled off into a short monologue that only people from that area could possibly understand.

One fan reacted on Twitter to say: 'Meanwhile we’re stuck with Jake Humphrey…'

While another complimented her dedication: 'Remember it's not a superpower though! It's hard graft that she's dedicated herself to. Everyone can pick up at least 1 foreign language. Pick a culture you love and get started today!'

Born in Manchester, Abdo has a first-class degree in European languages from the University of Salford, and is fluent in Spanish, French and German.

She spent time living in all three of those countries before completing her B.A. (Hons) degree, having moved to Spain aged 17.

In the past, she's worked for CNN, Sky Sports Germany, Sky Sports, FOX, CBS Sports, DAZN as well as hosting two Ballon d'Or ceremonies in 2014 and 2015.

Now she hosts one of the funniest football shows on television right now, with CBS Sports Golazo quickly becoming a fan favourite.

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports Golazo

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