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Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool fans to pay respects to the Queen

Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool fans to pay respects to the Queen

"For me, it is clear that’s what we have to do. That’s it."

Jurgen Klopp has urged Liverpool fans to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II during their Champions League clash with Ajax.

The Reds are set to welcome the Dutch giants to Anfield on Tuesday, their first game since the Queen's death last week.

Every Premier League fixture was postponed this past weekend, but most will fulfil their games in European competitions in midweek.

Liverpool supporters' relationship with the Royal Family is complex and they regularly boo the national anthem ahead of games at Wembley, as well as Prince William who is president of the Football Association.

A minute's silence is currently planned and when asked if it'll be respected without fuss, Klopp replied: "Yes, I think it’s the right thing to do.


"But I don’t think our people need any advice from me to show respect. There’s plenty of examples where people showed exactly the right respect.

"One that surprised me was last year and I was really proud of when we played Manchester United last year, with the sad situation around Cristiano Ronaldo’s family.

"That’s what I expect. For me it’s clear – that’s what we have to do. That’s it."

The Queen reigned on the throne for 70 years, the longest-ever for a British monarch.

To many, she's the only Queen they've ever known and Klopp reflected on that fact.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, aged 96. (Image

He continued: "I’m 55 years old and she’s the only Queen of England I’ve ever known.

"I didn’t know her but she was kind and warm. People feel so close to her and I respect their grief a lot. I will show my respect tomorrow night with silence."

Liverpool lost their opening Group A clash 4-1 to Napoli last Wednesday and it was arguably their worst performance under Klopp in a European competition.

The 55-year-old called the game out in Naples a 'horror show' and admitted some hard truths have been delivered in the five days since.

"We had obvious football problems which was from misjudgments," he continued.

"Everyone wanted to sort it by themselves. There was no structure.

"We had 4 or 5 days now of absolute truth. Not to knock the players down, just to make sure where we are now, this is the starting point for us to sort the problems together on the pitch. There was no pointing at each other."

Featured Image Credit: Liverpool & Alamy

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