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Footage Shows Prince William Being Booed By Wembley Crowd At FA Cup Final

Footage Shows Prince William Being Booed By Wembley Crowd At FA Cup Final

Before kick-off, the Duke of Cambridge came onto the pitch at Wembley to meet with players in front of fans.

Footage shows the moment Prince William was booed by fans as he went to shake players’ hands before Saturday's FA Cup final which saw Liverpool beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties. 

Before kick-off, the Duke of Cambridge – who is the President of the Football Association – came onto the pitch at Wembley to meet with players in front of fans. 

But as the announcers introduced him, video footage shows how a chorus of booing broke out from the crowds, who continued to boo the royal as he walked along the starting lineup.  

Condemning the fans’ reaction, one person tweeted: "Deeply disappointed that they booed #PrinceWilliam yesterday. No existence whatsoever of respect or class.” 

Someone else wrote: “Unsurprised Prince William was booed at the FA Cup Final. Many Brits are angry at Camilla becoming Queen, or disappointed in Harry and Megan and or furious at Andrew. The Royals exist by Consent of the Governed but are on thin ice.” 

However, many others pointed out that fans also booed the national anthem and a rendition of Christian hymn ‘Abide With Me’, with some speculation that it wasn’t a royal issue, but an establishment issue. 

Sharing the footage on Twitter, writer Omid Scobie - who co-authored the Harry and Meghan biography Finding Freedom - said: "An unexpected moment at today's #FACupFinal, where Liverpool fans booed Prince William and National Anthem. My understanding (correct me if I'm wrong, Twitter) is that it's still felt there was an establishment cover-up over the Hillsborough disaster and getting justice for it." 

Image credit: BBC
Image credit: BBC

Another wrote: “He wasn’t booed. The national anthem was booed, and not because of its royal connection but because Liverpool fans see it as a symbol of ‘the establishment’ and believe they were let down by the establishment over Hillsborough.” 

A third added: “They didn’t boo Prince William especially, Liverpool fans always boo the anthem and whatever royal is up there. Please don’t make it more than it is.” 

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has previously spoken out about the booing from his team's fans, admitting that it is not his place to 'judge'.

In 2019, he said: "I don't think I'm the right person [to ask], I know a bit about the history but it's not for me to judge. 

"I know the Liverpool supporters are respectful. If they give that sign the reason might be a bit in the past. But I've nothing else to say about that." 

Speaking yesterday after his team's win, Klopp said he was 'really proud' of the players.

"We are mentality monsters but there were mentality monsters in Chelsea colours as well - it was one penalty," he said.

"Chelsea played outstanding but in the end there must be one winner and that was us today."

Words by Jess Hardiman.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/BBC

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