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Fans demand Inter Miami delete comment calling Ronaldo the GOAT over Messi ASAP

Fans demand Inter Miami delete comment calling Ronaldo the GOAT over Messi ASAP

Inter Miami signed Lionel Messi earlier in the month

Inter Miami may have to delete an old comment about Cristiano Ronaldo after successfully signing Lionel Messi.

After weeks of intense speculation, it was confirmed earlier in the month that Messi will join Inter Miami when his contract with Paris Saint Germain expires at the end of the month.

Now, fans have found an old comment left by Inter Miami about Ronaldo.

Back in December, American football superstar Tom Brady visited Manchester United’s Old Trafford and the club posted a video of Brady meeting Ronaldo.

On the TikTok video, the MLS club left a comment consisting of two goat emojis.

Fans were quick to react on social media.

One said: “It’s not too late to delete the goat comment Inter Miami!”

Another tweeted: “Even Inter Miami knows Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT.”

A third fan added: “No way inter Miami called Ronaldo the GOAT.”

Someone else wrote: “Come on guys delete the comment quickly before it’s too late.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “Oh dear, I bet the admin is regretting calling Ronaldo the GOAT after they got Messi.”

Upon signing for the club, Messi said: “After winning the World Cup and not being able to go to Barca, it was time to go to the United States to live football in a different way and enjoy more day to day. Obviously with the same responsibility and desire to want to win and to always do things well. But more calmly.

“I heard that Barcelona had to sell players or lower player salaries and the truth is that I didn't want to go through that.

“Although I heard that it was said that La Liga had accepted everything and that everything was fine for me to return, there were still many other things that had to happen.”

Recently, it has been widely reported that Messi will be joined by former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba at Inter Miami.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/TikTok

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