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"People have died!" - Ian Wright feels 'very conflicted' being at the World Cup

"People have died!" - Ian Wright feels 'very conflicted' being at the World Cup

Wright is part of ITV's coverage.

Ian Wright has admitted he's 'conflicted' about covering the World Cup in Qatar for ITV Sport.

The former England and Arsenal striker is part of ITV's coverage of the tournament, which kicked off on Sunday with Ecuador's 2-0 win over Qatar.

Since being awarded the right to host the World Cup in 2010, Qatar has been investigated regarding the death of migrant workers who helped build the stadiums.

Independent sources have reported over 6000 fatalities in the building process, while Qatar state there have only been three recorded deaths.

Wright spoke passionately about arriving in Qatar and driving through the streets of Doha.

He paid respects to the 'families that have been destroyed' while criticising the government.

"[I feel] very conflicted if I am being totally honest. When I got to the airport on Saturday, seeing the fans singing you start to feel what is going to happen," the 59-year-old said.

"Then you simply have to stop yourself because you know what has happened, you've seen the cities and how quickly they went up and you know that people have died building those stadiums.

A stadium being constructed in Qatar. (Image

"Then you think of the families, lives destroyed, families destroyed, and then you think of the compensation, the lack of commitment towards the victims."

FIFA president Giovanni Infantino defended the tournament being held in Qatar on the eve of the tournament.

Homosexuality remains illegal in the country. Qatari officials have stressed LGBT+ supporters will be safe and welcome should they choose to attend games.

Wright continued: "It's very sad. We are talking about a regime of people that has said everybody is welcome, football is for everybody.

"But the reassurances they have given, you have to hope they can honour them because it is a sad situation for people who want to come and don't feel safe. Time will tell."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy & ITV

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