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Pundits think they've worked out why Harry Kane is so bad at free-kicks

Pundits think they've worked out why Harry Kane is so bad at free-kicks

Spurs and England striker Harry Kane has a free-kick success rate of just 1.78 per cent.

A discussion around Harry Kane's poor free-kick record has left many people scratching their head.

The 29-year-old England international, who has made 312 Premier League appearances for Spurs, has converted one free-kick from 56 attempts, according to Opta.

That success rate of just 1.78 percent may come as a surprise to some considering his accuracy from the penalty spot.

So why does he struggle from range? Well, pundits Jamie O'Hara and Jason Cundy engaged in a quite frankly bizarre debate on the subject recently.

Jamie O'Hara, who played for Spurs, Wolves and Fulham during a 15-year career, said he has a "philosophy" on Kane being "so bad" at free-kicks.

"Why is he [Kane] so bad a free-kicks though?" O'Hara said on talkSPORT.

"I've got a philosophy around why he's so bad at free-kicks. Harry Kane, when you watch him play, everything is instinct. You know, he's got instinct. Striker's instinct. His first touch.

"Everything is about his brain moving quickly. When he takes free-kicks, he's got a moment to set himself, he's got time, he thinks about it, he has to think about the technique."

Image credit: Alamy
Image credit: Alamy

Cundy soon got involved in the discussion. "Is he any good at golf?", the former Chelsea defender asked. "Well then, what's the difference? Because the ball's still.

"Here's the thing about golf, right. So a moving ball, yes it comes at you, you can time it.

"Golf, the ball doesn't move. The ball doesn't move, it's there. The ball's not going anywhere. It's going to stay there, 'just hit me'.

"Set-pieces outside the box, he can't strike it over a wall. You're talking about going over a wall or around the wall.

"Unless I'm wrong, is there a wall in a penalty? Is there a wall in a penalty or not, or am I going crazy?"

O'Hara said: "He has got to be the worst-best free-kick taker ever.

"He's classed as the best free-kick taker in Spurs' team because he's always taking free-kicks. He's the worst free-kick taker I've ever seen."

Kane is a keen golfer. The 29-year-old took part in the 'Icons Series' golf tournament in New Jersey last year – and his unusual, yet very capable swing got people talking online.

The striker kicked off his singles clash against American football quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with a monstrous drive down the fairway.

Even former world number one Ernie Els congratulated his teammate from the first tee. But rather than the shot itself, fans were quick to pick up on Kane's unique swing.

One fan commented on the clip, saying: "I’ve never seen a golf swing like this before in my entire life, but it’s Harry Kane so I love it," while another wrote: "That takeaway is freaking my out."

A third commented: "That is the weirdest golf swing I've ever seen."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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