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Graeme Souness leads Galatasaray's title celebrations as he recreates infamous flag moment in brilliant scenes

Graeme Souness leads Galatasaray's title celebrations as he recreates infamous flag moment in brilliant scenes

Graeme Souness returned to his old side as he recreated his iconic flag moment.

Graeme Souness led Galatasaray's title celebrations as he recreated his infamous flag moment in brilliant scenes.

Galatasaray beat Fenerbahce 3-0 on Sunday as goals from Nicolo Zaniolo (x2) and Mauro Icardi sealed a big win over their rivals.

The victory saw them win the Turkish Super Lig title, securing their first Championship in four years.

Celebrations were in full flow as the club invited their old manager to the game. Souness enjoyed a spell as manager of the Turkish giants in 1995.

He'll be remembered for planting a Galatasaray flag on Fenerbahce's pitch back in 1996.

Before Sunday's trophy parade, the 70-year-old walked out onto the pitch waving a flag as he recreated one of the wildest moments of his stellar career.

Needless to say, the legendary Scot's cameo during Galatasaray's trophy parade sent social media into overdrive.

One Twitter user wrote: "Souness is a bonafide legend of the game."

A second tweeted: "Souness is too goated for this I can’t lie. This guy risked his life to plant a Galatasaray flag in Fenerbahce's stadium. Cold."

A third added: "Grande Souness. Big Balls."

A fourth said: The fact he put a flag in to a rival’s pitch will always be funny to me , like imagine the uproar if someone like Klopp or pep did that at old Trafford."

Another commented: "What a hero."

In 2020, Souness looked back at the iconic moment and explained his actions behind the daring stunt.

"When I first went there nine months earlier, one of their [Fenerbahce's] vice-presidents questioned Galatasaray's wisdom in signing a 'cripple', referring to me with the heart operation I'd had," he revealed.

"A year later, we won the trophy in their stadium and we go over to where our supporters are and a big flag is handed over the wire fence.

"All the players take a few waves of the flag, it's handed to me and I have a few waves and look to hand it to someone. But there was no one to hand it on to as all the players had gone back to the halfway line to get the cup. So I'm jogging to the halfway line with this great big flag in my hand."

Souness added: "I'm looking into the stands that are emptying, I'm looking into the director's box and saw this guy's face. He was standing up.

"I thought, 'I'll show you who's a cripple', which was not the smartest thing I've ever done in my life. I managed to get the flag in after about the third attempt into the centre circle and turned around to see supporters now climbing the fences to get onto the pitch.

"So I found a bit of pace from somewhere, sprinted into the tunnel and got away with it. I'm sitting in the dressing room afterwards thinking "that's me, I'll be finished, I'll have a plane ticket and be off tomorrow.

"Our board came in 10 minutes later with tears in their eyes, saying 'this is the greatest thing that's ever happened to the football club'. I've never kissed so many moustachioed men in my life.

"It wasn't a thing directed at Fenerbahce, it was directed at this guy who said unkind things about me."

Featured Image Credit: via Virgin Media Sport/Galatasaray

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