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Steven Gerrard tells Celtic fans in Kop to move during Legends' charity game

Steven Gerrard tells Celtic fans in Kop to move during Legends' charity game

Gerrard appeared to gesture towards some Celtic fans sitting in the Kop during a charity game, telling them to move.

Steven Gerrard looked like he thoroughly enjoyed his run-out in a charity Legends' game between Liverpool and Celtic at Anfield.

The Liverpool legend and former Rangers boss was determined to get one over the Old Firm rivals when he faced off against them on the pitch, despite it being for charity.

Gerrard opened the scoring from the spot in front of the Celtic fans, and with his former club in mind, there was only one thing he was going to do.

Liverpool's former #8 ran towards the corner and began openly taunting the travelling Celtic supporters in the Anfield Road End.

Gerrard captained Liverpool Legedns to a victory against Celtic Legends. (
PA Images)

Although it was only a charity match, these actions were not met well by the away fans, who reacted by launching missiles at the manager, but that was not the only exchange between Gerrard and the Bhoys.

During the second half, with Liverpool attaching The Kop, Gerrard ran over to take a corner when he noticed some Celtic fans sitting in the famous Liverpool-only Kop end, which he wasn't having.

The former Liverpool captain appeared to gesture to the Celtic fans, pointing at them and telling them to leave on multiple occasions.

He then cooled down and acknowledged the surrounding Liverpool fans, who has risen to their feet to applaud him.

There is a reason why Gerrard went out of his way to taunt the Celtic fans though, and it does owe heavily to his previous allegiance to the Blue side of Glasgow.

Gerrard had previously cliamed that the Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers was actually more fierce than the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton, saying:

“Yeah, because Liverpool have got United as a rival,

"They’ve now got City and Chelsea becoming rivals. Up there it’s Celtic against Rangers, and it’s daily.

“Every press conference, every street you walk in, every supermarket. It’s Celtic vs Rangers. Then if you add the political side to it as well it becomes even more…

“Both atmospheres are, I must say, sensational. Really top. I almost say to myself, in hindsight ‘Should I have gone up to one of them rather than of America?’ But I probably went to America for different reasons, so…”

There may be some truth to Gerrard's words, as shown by the Celtic fans' reactions to his taunting, with there not being many, if any, occasions where fans have thrown objects at players during charity games.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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