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Gary Lineker finally tells the complete story of sh*tting himself on the pitch

Gary Lineker finally tells the complete story of sh*tting himself on the pitch

The former England international had a moment to forget at Italia '90.

Gary Lineker has finally told the story of the time that he s**t himself whilst representing England at the 1990 World Cup.

Lineker - who enjoyed an illustrious playing career which included spells at the likes of Leicester City, Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur - famously had a moment to forget while representing his nation on the biggest stage in football.

The Three Lions began their Italia '90 campaign with a clash against the Republic of Ireland in Cagliari, a game which ended as a rather forgettable 1-1 draw.

However, there was a moment in the game which will live long in the memory of England fans, in particular Mr Lineker, who has finally told the full story of the time he defecated on the pitch.

Speaking to Micah Richards and Alan Shearer as part of the BBC's Match of the Day Top 10 series, the MOTD presenter explained exactly what happened on that fateful day in Italy.

"So it's against the Republic of Ireland, the opening game of the World Cup in Italia '90.

"I'd not been very well the night before, but I didn't tell anyone because I wanted to play," Lineker explained.

"15 minutes in [the second half] I started cramping again.

"I think, 'Oh Christ, I'm in a f****** bad lot of pain here.'

"The ball goes out on their left-hand side and I kind of did a lunge at it, and as I did that I kind of relaxed... and it's just gone 'boof!'

"And I've gone, 'Oh my God'.

"And I'm sat there and it's all and I'm on the ground and I remember there's..."

Gary Lineker during the 1990 World Cup
Gary Lineker during the 1990 World Cup

Richards interjects to tell Lineker that this is "one of the best stories you've ever told" much to the delight of Shearer, who is beside himself with laughter.

Lineker tells Richards to "shut up" before continuing with his story.

"You can see me look up and Gary Stevens comes and I remember him going 'Links, what's wrong?'

"I went 'I've s**t myself' and I felt like crying!" Lineker admits.

"Thank God we had the dark blue shorts on, not the white ones."

Whilst Lineker admits "it's funny now" he states that it was horrible at the time.

"So horrible at the time... it's funny now, it's obviously funny."

England would advance to the semi-finals of the competition where they fell short in a penalty shootout defeat to West Germany.

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