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Key feature has been removed in EA Sports FC, it's completely gone

Key feature has been removed in EA Sports FC, it's completely gone

EA Sports have made a series of changes for the upcoming game, including the removal of one feature.

EA Sports FC, is slated for a worldwide release on September 29 and already there have been plenty of details shared of how the replacement game will move into a new direction.

Women will be playable in Ultimate Team for the first time ever, while EA have finally made crossplay happen with Pro Clubs and answered the prayers of so many fans.

We also know that there's added realism like Ballon d'Or ceremony cutscenes in Career Mode and a new commentary pairing to give gamers an alternative to the duo of Derek Rae and Stewart Robson if they so desire.

A deep dive into the all-new gameplay took place on Tuesday and it's emerged that a key mechanic used in FIFA will no longer be present.

That's because according to content creator 'Leadehh', chipped threaded through passes have been taken out. It was one of the most used features in FIFA 23 but will not be making a return as EA have instead introduced a 'Precision Pass'.

This particular maneuver will be perfect for playmakers like Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes and can be performed by pressing RB+Y or R1+ triangle depending on which console you use.

In the reshuffle, the threaded through pass is still included but is now delivered with the same button combination previously used for the chipped ball.

Image: EA Sports
Image: EA Sports

Leadehh believes the reason for this alteration is the fact there a 'precision lobbed pass' has been added - even if it is slightly different and more manual. To perform this, games must press R1+ square or RB + X

It may take some getting used to but the all new passing mechanic should lead to some create outrageous assists - especially if you add LT or LB to get that bit of swerve to get around defenders.

Elsewhere, we know that the controversial 'Shush' celebration is making a shock comeback. The gesture was one of the most toxic in the history of FIFA and user feedback led to it being removed completely.

You're going to see it again very soon though so it's in your best interests to mentally prepare for it.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports & Getty

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