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Thread Of Gary Neville And Jamie Carragher Commentary Noises In Songs Is Incredible

Thread Of Gary Neville And Jamie Carragher Commentary Noises In Songs Is Incredible

The former Manchester United full back and former Liverpool defender have both had moments during their commentary career turned into songs.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have both been known to make some 'unusual' noises during their commentary and now they've been brilliantly edited into some songs.

The two Sky Sports commentators have forged an unlikely duo in the commentary booth and in the studio, especially during Monday Night Football, after hanging up their boots.

Once mortal enemies, the pair enjoy a banterous friendly rivalry but where they're exactly the same is the weird noises they occasionally make whilst describing the action.

Neville is most famous for his 'goalgasms' but Carragher has been known to join in, as he did during Manchester City's 4-1 win over Liverpool at the weekend.

Now someone has taken all of their best noises and edited them into some songs and we couldn't be more pleased by the latest development.

Someone else on Twitter got in on the act to create two other songs the pair could sing together, and Carragher even got in on the act with a retweet.

The Liverpool legend, who picked his frenemy in his recent XI of players he played with, claimed that Neville's team of choice had bottled the Premier League title race.

"It's only Liverpool that can stop them because I don't think Man United even fancy it," Carra claimed before the Reds' loss to City on Sunday.

"...I think Man United in the last few weeks have almost bottled it, they've got there and have been so excited they're there and have almost talked themselves out of it with the last few results they've had. I don't think there's much belief there."

With Jurgen Klopp's side now 10 points behind, and having played a game more than City, it might be that no one can stop Pep Guardiola's team.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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