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Former Bournemouth Player Dropped From National Team For Allegedly Farting At His Manager

Former Bournemouth Player Dropped From National Team For Allegedly Farting At His Manager

In what is undoubtedly one of the strangest stories you will ever read, a former Bournemouth player is said to have been dropped from his national team for allegedly farting in the direction of his manager.

Tokelo Rantie, who spent three years at AFC Bournemouth, is said to have carried about the bizarre act a couple of weeks back but the story has only really just let rip, which is exactly what the player appears to have done.

As reported by Sowetan Live, the South African aimed a fart in the direction of his boss.


The way the story is described by the outlet is utterly captivating.

The article reads:

"Tokelo Rantie pulled down his pants and let one rip in the direction of Bafana Bafana coach Ephraim ''Shakes" Mashaba a few days ago in one of the most bizarre acts of obstinacy ever seen in the national team.

"The flatulence was so suffocating that the putrid stench continues to hover over the team like a dark cloud."

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There only appears to be one source reporting that the Gençlerbirliği player did do such a strange thing and the report itself does say that the player was called up for international duty but didn't show up as he was asleep when got the phone call, in what is a massively confusing situation.

He has apparently been removed from the squad.

But the way the article is worded is so poetic and deep that it's hard to not genuinely want to believe that Rantie did indeed emit such wind from his anus infront of his boss.


It's seems like farting and football has quite the link going on. Back in June, a Swedish player was sent off for farting. Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was dismissed in a game between Järna SK's B-team and Pershagen SK for what was perceived to be "unsportsmanlike behaviour."

Crazy stuff.

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