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Footballer flashes his penis in the middle of a match to distract his opponent

Footballer flashes his penis in the middle of a match to distract his opponent

As the attacker lined up to take a free kick, Geisson Perera was captured pulling down his shorts to bare all.

A Colombian professional football player has flashed his penis in the middle of a match to distract the opposition from kicking a goal.

Sports Brief reported that Santa Fe defender Geisson Perera has gone viral for his wild attempt to defend a free kick from a Jaguares de Córdoba player during the Colombian first-division match on Monday (October 17).

As the attacker lined up to take a free kick, Perera was captured pulling down his shorts to show off his Johnson.

According to the Daily Star, cameras accidentally caught the moment as they zoomed in on the wall so that fans could catch a better glimpse of the kick.

But they got more than they bargained for.

While we admit the tactic is, for lack of a better word, ballsy, it kind of worked as the Jaguares player ended up missing the goal, but it’s unclear if it was due to Perera flashing his goods.

Luckily for Perera, the umpire didn’t notice; however, according to The Sun, many fans were outraged and demanded that he be reprimanded. 

"Geisson Perea deserves to be sanctioned. Embarrassing and unpleasant act. Not a professional," wrote one fan, as reported by The Sun.

Another added: "Shame on that player Geisson Perea from Santa Fe lowering his uniform and showing the referee the one I told you about, Dimayor are we going with a sanction appointment?”

While a third wrote: "Geisson Perea cannot play again with Santa Fe. I hope Sante Fe calls to do something this week."

Despite Perera’s best efforts, Santa Fe lost after Jaguares scored in the 94th minute, winning the match 2-1.

While the act may have stunned fans, it’s definitely not the first time an athlete has bared his manhood on camera.

In 2015, Lebron James was adjusting his shorts to tuck in his jersey before Game 4 during the NBA Finals. Sadly for him, his member accidentally slipped out, as per Access Online.

As over 18 million viewers at home saw, many reacted on Twitter, as one person wrote: “Oh my freakin lord. Did I just see Lebron James flash his weiner on live TV?? #NBAFinals.”

Another said:”It must be really exciting for all men everywhere to finally have something in common with lebron now that we've seen his junk in gym shorts.”

While another commented: “LeBron James flashed his manhood on live tv tonight. Whelp...that was unexpected!”

A runner also went viral earlier this year for competing in the 400 metre sprint when his penis came out of his shorts.

Featured Image Credit: Manuel.Menacho0/Twitter. santiagoarenasphoto/Instagram

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