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Clever FIFA app allows fans to watch the match from a completely new perspective in the stands

Clever FIFA app allows fans to watch the match from a completely new perspective in the stands

The World Cup in Qatar is in full swing.

FIFA’s clever app allows fans to watch the match from a different perspective even if they are in the crowd.

A fan posted a video which captured another supporter using the app whilst the game was happening in front of their eyes.

The app uses the camera on the back of the fan’s phone and allows the fan to see information about each selected player whilst they are on the move. You can watch the footage below.

However, some fans are not too sure about using a mobile phone whilst at the game.

One fan said: “This is cool but just watch the game with your eyes lol.”

Another tweeted: “Or just watch the live match in front of you! Enjoy!!”

A third fan added: “So is he there to watch the match or watch it on his phone? Smh.”

Someone else commented: “Or just watch the match.”

The World Cup in Qatar has been one for new technologies, with semi-automatic offsides being used and the official match ball also has a special chip inside that tracks movements.

Earlier this week, in the clash between Portugal and Uruguay there were arguments over who scored the match’s first goal, Bruno Fernandes or Cristiano Ronaldo?


However, FIFA have now confirmed that they used the data collected by the match ball which determined the goal was scored by Fernandes rather than Ronaldo.

FIFA said via a statement: “In the match between Portugal and Uruguay, using the Connected Ball Technology housed in adidas's Al Rihla Official Match Ball, we are able to definitively show no contact on the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo for the opening goal in the game.

“No external force on the ball could be measured as shown by the lack of 'heartbeat' in our measurements. The 500Hz IMU sensor inside the ball allows us to be highly accurate in our analysis.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nazwif

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