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Spurs fans are buzzing over Ange Postecoglou's comments in new live interview, he's the one

Spurs fans are buzzing over Ange Postecoglou's comments in new live interview, he's the one

Supporters are loving their new manager.

Ange Postecoglou has delighted Tottenham fans with his latest comments regarding his 'responsibility' at the club.

The Australian has been an instant hit with supporters following the acrimonious departure of former manager Antonio Conte.

Despite losing their star player Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, Tottenham have had a strong start to the 2023/24 campaign and find themselves joint-second in the Premier League table after four games.

And Postecoglou has since given fans more reason to get behind him, after he boldly claimed that all of the club's responsibility is down to him.

Speaking in a candid interview with talkSPORT, the 58-year-old said: “If I don’t succeed, it will not be because of internal or external factors.

"It is all on me from now on, the responsibility is down to me. Whatever challenges exist within this football club, I’ve accepted taking them on.”

His words may have been in reference to Conte's rather tumultuous reign in charge, which ended with the Italian blaming both the players and the club's ownership for their struggles on the pitch.

After Postecoglue's comments, Spurs supporters rushed to Twitter to heap praise on their manager, with one simply tweeting: "This bloke is incredible."

"This how an ACTUAL winner speaks", a second added.

"If he doesn't succeed with us I am losing all faith in football," a third chimed in.

"He might be better than Pep," a fourth exclaimed.

"I can’t put into words how much I love this man," a fifth remarked.

"Imagine Antonio Conte or Mourinho saying this," another hypothesised.

"This is leadership. Take notes Conte", a final reply read.

Postecoglou also stated that he wanted Tottenham "to win something on a yearly basis", with the north London club having not won a trophy since the Carabao Cup in 2008.

“Success for me is winning things, but it’s not a desperation, because that’s not sustainable," he added. "For me the foundation of it is just to play the game a certain way which I hope will win things but also excites the punters.

“I’m not in this job desperate to win something just to win something, I want this club to win something on a yearly basis, and there’s a difference.

“I want to win every game, trust me, but I don’t want to win something for the sake of winning something. I want sustainable success and make sure fans are enjoying watching the team play football.

Featured Image Credit: talkSPORT

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