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Fans left confused by football rule question on The Chase, Bradley Walsh couldn't believe the answer

Fans left confused by football rule question on The Chase, Bradley Walsh couldn't believe the answer

Fans were confused.

Viewers of hit ITV show The Chase were left confused by a football-related rule question during the game show - and even host Bradley Walsh couldn't believe the answer.

Walsh was a professional football player for Brentford in the 1970s before his career was ended at the age of 22 due to ankle fractures.

But even he was stumped when a question came up about an 'archaic' football rule on an episode of the programme, which was re-aired on Thursday, November 26.

You can watch the clip from the ITV show below.

The question was as follows: 'In football, if a direct free-kick goes straight into a team's own goal, what is awarded to the opposing team?"

Chaser Shaun Wallace, who is an avid Chelsea fan and all-round sports expert, looked a little confused as the answer countdown began.

And when after Wallace and contestant Francesca had submitted their answers, Walsh was convinced that the answer to the question was that a goal would be awarded.

When Francesca admitted she didn't watch football, Walsh replied: "You don't have to! If a direct free-kick goes into its team's own goal, then it's got to be a goal, because it's an own goal."

The 63-year-old's logic certainly made some sense, and he was baffled by the contestant's decision to choose 'corner' as the answer.

He exclaimed: "You've put a corner? Why have you done that?"

But to everyone's surprise, the answer was, in fact, a corner that is awarded to the opposing team if the bizarre event occurs.

And Wallace, who also got the answer correct, told a stunned Walsh: "It's one of those archaic rules..."

But much like the host, some viewers also had no idea that such a rule existed in football.

Taking to X (Twitter), one wrote: "Who else got this question wrong on The Chase? Brad and I can't be the only ones..."

Another agreed: "Me and I've been going for nearly 50 years."

A third added: "OK that was a stinker of a question."

One fan, though, revealed he had actually seen a direct free kick go into the other team's goal: "I've actually seen that happen. A back poss to a keeper from a free kick, the ball bobbled and went in to the goal, the ref gave a goal."

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Featured Image Credit: ITV

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