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Wrexham slammed after reserving tickets for "international fans" and blocking die-hard supporters

Wrexham slammed after reserving tickets for "international fans" and blocking die-hard supporters

Wrexham's decision to introduce tickets only for "international fans" has been branded "tone-deaf" by many.

Wrexham have been slammed after making the decision to reserve a section of tickets for "international fans".

The Dragons will play in League Two next term after securing a record-breaking promotion from the National League under Phil Parkinson.

Wrexham have not participated in the fourth tier since 2008 and with the backing of owners of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, as well as a playing squad with a number of stars who have played at an even higher level, many have them down as favourites to go up again.

But while there's huge excitement from a Wrexham perspective, a recent call made by the club's top brass has caused an almighty stir.

With their Hollywood owners and successful Disney+ documentary, more eyes have been on Wrexham than ever and they have decided to capitalise by allocating a portion of tickets at the Racecourse Ground for those living abroad.

Celebrities like Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell were in attendance for matches last season and they are currently across the pond playing against the likes of Chelsea, LA Galaxy II and Manchester United in pre-season friendlies.

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Going forward, 150 tickets for each home game will be reserved for UK members, with a further 75 going to international fans.

For the clash with Walsall, the second home league game of the campaign, the club's website were told the match was "sold out for UK members", but the notice said "International Members Tickets still available".

Reynolds and McElhenney have got a lot right since purchasing Wrexham but the general consensus here is that they have got it wrong.

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Image: Getty

One commented: "I’m glad the team is doing well, but they have totally 'sold out' on this TV series popularity contest stuff. Why would international people want to visit Wrexham... come on ? Let the local fans have the tickets."

A second said: "When a Wrexham FC Member living 9 miles away is unable to purchase a ticket but someone living 1000+ miles away may still purchase one then this should not be something you, as a club, should be pleased with."

A third added: "I’m sorry but this is very poor I am happy you are EFL and congrats on winning the League and earning millions in sponsorships and rebuilding the stadium but don’t let this get in the way of squeezing out those in your community that have supported you during your darkest days."

Another asked: "Is it not sensible to suggest that if international tickets are not taken within a time frame they go back to UK members? System is nonsensical."

A fifth opined: "So we've travelled up and down the country for 15 years watching the team claw its way back into the Football League and within weeks international fans are being prioritised. That's no good."

A sixth user wrote: "As an American fan this seems kind of f***ed. If there’s tickets left, Sell them to people that want them most."

Wrexham's move to increase ticket prices has also not gone down too well, as has the new practice where only 70% of away tickets belong to season ticket holders.

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