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Roy Keane leaves Gary Neville and Ian Wright in stitches after latest ruthless comment to Jill Scott

Roy Keane leaves Gary Neville and Ian Wright in stitches after latest ruthless comment to Jill Scott

Tennis was a big topic of conversation on the latest episode of The Overlap.

Gary Neville and Ian Wright were left in stitches after Roy Keane teased Jill Scott about becoming Sunderland's under-13 tennis champion.

All four pundits are currently out in Germany for this summer's European Championship as Gareth Southgate and his England side try and lift their first piece of silverware since 1966.

Neville, Wright and Keane are working for free-to-air public broadcaster ITV, while former England international Scott is a regular on The Overlap.

On this week's episode of the popular show, one of the big talking points was three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray and his final game at Wimbledon.

Keane, meanwhile, was far from sympathetic. "Andy Murray retiring from tennis isn’t sad news at all," he said on the latest episode of Stick To Football, brought to you by Sky Bet.

"He’s 37-years-old, had a brilliant career but had plenty of injuries, so he should count his blessings that he’s had such a successful career.

"He must have been crying… although it’s okay to cry. That’s not sad news. It’s good news. He’s got a lovely family. Good luck to him.

"He had a brilliant career. They talk about him playing in a great era… we were up against the great Barcelona. He could have been with Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe!"

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

The topic of conversation soon turned to Jill Scott and her childhood playing tennis in Sunderland; something that Roy Keane raised eyebrows at. Here's how the conversation went down:

Keane: "Did you play tennis when you were a kid?"

Scott: "Yes, I was Sunderland's under-13 champion."

Keane: "Really? Are you telling the truth?"

Scott: "Yeah."

Neville: "I can't imagine there were many tennis courts in Sunderland. There were no tennis courts where I lived."

Keane: "That's why she's the champion. There was no playing! Jesus."

Away from the tennis and Gary Neville says attending two major sporting events made him respect football much more.

“I’ve been to two sporting events that people love, but I thought were massively disappointing and they aren’t spectator sports live," he said.

"I went to Belfry for the Ryder Cup final day in 2013, you can’t see anything, and the other was the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. I thought it was the worst experience, and then I had to put in earplugs because of the noise from the cars and I just didn’t enjoy it at all."

He added: “I love golf and I do know that F1 is so popular, but going to those events made me respect football much more. When you’re watching football, you’re in the stadium, everyone is so engaged in what’s going on, and it’s an amazing sport to watch.”

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