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Masked rapper Dide who claims to be a Premier League player reveals clues to true identity

Masked rapper Dide who claims to be a Premier League player reveals clues to true identity

Masked rapper Dide has claimed to be a Premier League star

Masked rapper Dide, who claims to be a Premier League player has given key clues to his true identity.

Back in April, Dide released a track named ‘Thrill’ and many fans around the country have been trying to work out who the top-flight player behind the mask is.

The likes of Eddie Nketiah, Alex Iwobi, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho have all been linked to the true identity of Dide.

However, the rapper is not ready to reveal the face behind the mask but has given some clues about who he might be.

His songs have included lyrics such as ‘sees seven figures’ and that he plays for a team that ‘stays winning’

Speaking for the first time in front of a camera, Dide told Sky News that Manchester City have the best changing rooms in the Premier League whilst newly-promoted Luton Town have the worst.

So far this season, only four teams have visited Luton’s Kenilworth Road stadium - West Ham United, Burnley, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur.

Dide also revealed that the best player he has played against is former Chelsea winger Eden Hazard and his favourite player of all time is Thierry Henry.

These could be clues to finding out the real identity behind the mask.

When asked if his teammates know anything about him being Dide, he said: “A lot of us go into the studio just for fun, but no one really knows how far it's gone. They ask me, like, 'Oh, is it you? But just the same way that it can be me, it could be someone else.

“So there's no real one thing that would make it be, you know, one football player. As the music comes out, it will kind of make sense. Maybe I might reveal myself in the future. Who knows?”

Earlier in the month, Dide told the Evening Standard: “I train in the morning or the afternoon, depending on the schedule. In the evening, we have a lot of downtime as football players, and instead of going out, going shopping, and all these other things that some players do, I prefer to stay at home and relax.

“I just kind of took the gamble to release it, and then obviously, the rest is history. I just feel that especially in football, there’s always people with different opinions, and I feel like, when we’re listening to music, you always want to have a face to the music that’s being played.”

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Featured Image Credit: Sky News

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