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Pepe shown straight red card against Sporting Lisbon for 'punching' player in the face

Pepe shown straight red card against Sporting Lisbon for 'punching' player in the face

It was a moment of madness from the Portuguese defender.

Pepe was back doing 'Pepe things' during Porto's derby against Sporting Lisbon on Monday after he was shown a straight red card for punching his opponent.

Pepe is notorious for being one of the toughest footballers in the world, having picked up 16 red cards over his illustrious career.

Despite his array of experience with both Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, the 40-year-old is still prone to the occasional moment of madness.

And the defender proved that shortly after half-time against bitter rivals Sporting Lisbon when he appeared to punch Matheus Reis in the face.

You can watch the footage below.

After setting the ball down for a free-kick, Reis sprinted over before shoving Pepe in the back.

The Champions League winner lashed out in response, swinging his arm up towards the face of his opponent.

After the incident, referee Nuno Almeida was called over to the pitch-side monitor and following a lengthy review, showed Pepe his marching orders, sparking a sarcastic round of applause from the Portugal international.

Replying to the video on social media, one fan tweeted: "Never change Pepe."

Another wrote: "Pepe red card proves to me that the game is well and truly still alive."

While a third chimed in: "100% Pepe definitely deserved the card but let’s be real, it was in retaliation to a tackle that was a blatant yellow. The ball was also dead already, there was no need to go at Pepe like that.

A fourth added: "Pepe getting a red card is hardly a miracle, I think sometimes he actually tries to get one."

A fifth joked: "Can't even punch other players now, game's gone."

Another person wrote: M"an, football is going to be a bit more boring once Pepe retires. He always finds new ways to get a red. That is a rare talent."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter @mudryk1003

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