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Michael Owen's story about throwing apples in a bin for 'approval' is going viral

Michael Owen's story about throwing apples in a bin for 'approval' is going viral

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker opened up on his apple-throwing antics during a recent podcast appearance.

Michael Owen's latest podcast appearance has become a talking point after the former Liverpool striker opened up on getting a "nod of approval" from his father by throwing apples into a bin.

Over the past decade or so, former Real Madrid and Newcastle forward Owen has told some, let's just say, lacklustre stories when appearing in the public eye.

Shortly after revealing that he made his wife of 14 years a cup of tea for the first time ever in 2016, Owen admitted that he'd only watched a handful of films in his life.

"I get very bored watching films, I can’t sit still for two hours," he told the BBC. "I think I’ve probably watched six or seven in my life. Rocky, Cool Runnings, Jurassic Park - I got forced to watch that twice as well - Ghost, Heat."

Owen has built a reputation for being "a little dull" in recent years, according to Piers Morgan, but earlier this month, the former England international produced one of his most entertaining tales to date.

Speaking on the Up Front podcast with Simon Jordan, Owen opened up on his apple-throwing antics as a kid.

“Everything was a challenge,” he began. “I’d eat an apple watching the TV at night and the bin would be by the TV about six metres away.

“And I had the bravery to [throw the apple] and miss and for there to be a stain on the wallpaper. My mum would absolutely scream at me and send me upstairs.

“I wasn’t cocky at all, but the next day I’d do the same. It’d go bump and right in the middle and my dad would give me a nod of approval. My mum would be seething, but couldn’t say anything because it went in.

“That confidence, that sort of daring, that nod of approval from my dad that I’m desperate for. That was what I yearned for as a kid.”

As you can imagine, Owen's tale got people talking on social media.

One fan said: "Idea for a new TV show, Apple Throwing with Michael Owen. Z-list celebrities take part in an apple throwing competition to see who can hit the target the most times. The lowest scorer is eliminated every week until the top two compete in the grand final, where a winner is crowned."

A second wrote: "I can’t believe this isn’t satire from Michael Owen," while a third said: "A daddy's approval and affirmation carries weight. It makes a huge difference in every child's life. Present dads are not appreciated enough. Family remains the key pillar of society, and it can not be done without fathers."

A fourth added: "Same energy as Theresa May naughtily running through fields of wheat."

Owen recently played down the perception of him being 'shy and retiring' during an interview with The Mirror.

When asked about his Christmas plans, the former Liverpool forward said: “I am probably the life and soul of the party. I’m a right attention seeker.

“It has all got to be about me, if we are hosting, I’m the one starting the games, or dancing on top of the tables.

“If I was going to do a karaoke it would be to something like Summer of 69, or Tracey Chapman Fast Car. I’m not really into that modern stuff. It’s the old classics.

“Apparently, I am quirky. I think I’ve got an image in the world that is very straight, and boring and everything like that. But everyone I meet, they will be like, ‘Oh my God, I so wasn’t expecting you to be like you are.

“I think when I was coming through, when I was 17 or 18, I was managed in a certain way. The press had an image of me they wanted to portray.

“So I was this whiter than white angel. It probably never sat that well with me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t up to no good. As I say, I never really went to nightclubs and the time, but that image has probably stuck and everyone just thinks I’m boring.

“I think if you ask Gemma [Owen] or my missus, they’d probably say, ‘bloody hell, the world has got you so wrong’.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Up Front With Simon Jordan

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