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Manchester United fans have lost it with Sir Jim Ratcliffe as club ‘consider radical decision’ that’s never happened in their history

Manchester United fans have lost it with Sir Jim Ratcliffe as club ‘consider radical decision’ that’s never happened in their history

This will not go down well.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe could be set to make an extremely unpopular decision with Manchester United fans regarding the proposed new Old Trafford.

Ratcliffe has made it extremely clear that he intends to relocate the club away from Old Trafford, with the current state of the ground far from the standards expected for a club like United.

Speaking in an interview via The Independent back in March, Ratcliffe explained his decision to push for a move away from Old Trafford.

“We can refurbish the ground and have a fantastic stadium, that will take about a billion to do that, and the club can shoulder that burden. But we have got this opportunity to build a new ground if we choose to. We’ve got enough space to build a completely new ground," Ratcliffe explained.

“If we build a completely new ground, it would be state of the art, world-class, [have a capacity of] 90,000 or even 100,000. I think that then provides a platform for some of the big competitions in the north of England. Why shouldn’t England play in the north? Why is the FA Cup final always in the south?

“It (United) needs to have a stadium that is befitting the club and the brand. That might have been the case 20 years ago, but it isn’t today. [Old Trafford] is a little bit tired."

Simply moving away has been enough to anger a fair few United fans who believe the INEOS investment should go towards improving and maintaining the current ground.

However, according to The Athletic, Ratcliffe could be set to make an even bolder decision that is likely to divide supporters.

Potential 'new Old Trafford' - OLBG
Potential 'new Old Trafford' - OLBG

The report reads: "Manchester United are considering selling the naming rights to a refurbished Old Trafford or a newly-built stadium as part-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe seeks to drive up revenues to fund the project, while the club is also deliberating over substantial ticket price rises."

This would be the first time in the club's history the stadium name would be sold to advertisers in this fashion, and given the long standing history rooted within the club, it is unlikely to be a popular decision.

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