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Man Utd legend Roy Keane was 'pinned up' against the wall by former teammate in furious encounter

Man Utd legend Roy Keane was 'pinned up' against the wall by former teammate in furious encounter

Keane was 'trying to rip his former teammate's shirt off'.

Man Utd legend Roy Keane once ripped the shirt of a former teammate who had him pinned up against the wall.

Keane made his name as one of the Premier League's toughest midfielders.

It's a reputation which has followed him since retiring in 2006. Only a select few tried to have it out with the Irishman. Even fewer came out on top.

The 52-year-old stepped into management for the first time shortly after hanging up his boots, taking over Sunderland.

One of his first signings at the Stadium of Light was ex-Republic of Ireland teammate Graham Kavanagh. The duo knew one another well, which also saw them butt heads several times.

According to Greg Halford, it was when Keane and Kavanagh came together that caused a scuffle in the dressing room.

Halford explained during an appearance on Undr The Cosh that he was called to Keane's office for a meeting during his time on Wearside, only to hear 'shouting' and see 'walls shaking'.

"One time, I was going into his office and Graham Kavanagh was in there before me," the current Hashtag United star said.

Few players dared to step up to Keane. (Image

"I’m sitting outside hearing all this shouting, tables moving and walls shaking. I was thinking ‘I don’t want to go in here next’.

"Kavs came out with a ripped shirt, sweating. I asked him ‘What the f**k happened?’ and he said ‘I had him [Keane] up against the wall and he was trying to rip my shirt off’.

"I was s****ing myself going in. He’s just coming out of a fight with Kavs - and he’s lost!"

Kavanagh played 14 games for Sunderland as they sealed promotion from the Championship to the Premier League.

Kavanagh during his time at Sunderland. (Image

He was released in 2009 after spending time on loan with Sheffield Wednesday and Carlisle United.

Keane resigned as Sunderland manager in 2008 after a disagreement with man shareholder Ellis Short.

He returned to management with Ipswich Town the following year but hasn't had a manager's job since departing Portman Road in 2011.

Featured Image Credit: The Overlap/YouTube & Getty Images

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