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Fans spotted the moment Rasmus Hojlund lost it with Alejandro Garnacho against Newport

Fans spotted the moment Rasmus Hojlund lost it with Alejandro Garnacho against Newport

Rasmus Hojlund was furious with Alejandro Garnacho after he failed to pass to him against Newport County.

Fans picked up on Rasmus Hojlund losing it with Manchester United teammate Alejandro Garnacho against Newport County.

In the second half of the fourth round FA Cup against the League Two outfit, Garnacho had the ball in a dangerous area down the left.

But even though Hojlund made a smart run, the Argentine tried to take his man on and ended up losing the ball.

A furious Hojlund could be seen throwing his hands in frustration, with the microphones picking up him screaming at his colleague.

Hojlund continued to vent at Garnacho and plenty of BBC viewers noticed his angry outburst.

One fan wrote: "Hojlund's reaction to Garnacho is more than fair because he’s been on bulls**t the whole game."

A second said: "Hojlund just lost his mind and shouted at Garnacho. He's beyond fed up."

A third added: "Hojlund needs to ask Garnacho after the game if he doesn’t like him or something."

A fourth weighed in: "Hojlund screaming Garnacho has me in tears man, they never create chances for this lad."

Another user commented: "Hojlund has just gone off at Garnacho, screaming at him to get the ball in earlier. NEED MORE OF THIS!"

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

A sixth person weighed in: "Garnacho is good. But football isn’t a one man sport. Hojlund should be sick of his selfishness now."

Hojlund wasn't the only person to call Garnacho out as Bruno Fernandes also took issue with the youngster in the first half.

United went on to win 4-2 in an entertaining game at Rodney Parade, with Hojlund getting on the scoresheet deep in stoppage time to secure passage into the fifth round.

The Red Devils will now play the winners of Bristol City and Nottingham Forest, who drew 0-0 at Ashton Gate on Friday night.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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