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Sergio Aguero could make shock return to professional football after emotional phone call

Sergio Aguero could make shock return to professional football after emotional phone call

He could return.

Sergio Aguero looked emotional after a doctor informed him on a live stream he was able to return to professional football.

Manchester City’s record scorer was forced into an early retirement in December 2021 after he suffered a cardiac arrhythmia just months into his spell at Barcelona.

Since then, Aguero has forged a media career via Twitch and played football casually as part of Gerard Pique’s seven-a-side Kings League.

However, at the start of a recent stream, Aguero admitted he is training for a return to professional football, and went on to call his cardiologist live.

"People are asking me and well, I don't know... What do you think?” Aguero asked. “How am I doing for 20 minutes of action? I don't know if it's 20, but ten?”

The cardiologist replied: “You won't have any problems playing for that long.

"Logically, we have to do the studies, which already correspond, and make you run as if it were a game... When you approach the two centre-backs, if you have to do a trick, something like that, you have to be well prepared.

"So I would tell you to, 'get ready, there is hope' you could say. You have to get well, in a physical state for a few minutes [of action]. In short, it is possible."

A beaming Aguero rubbed his hands together in glee at the prospect of a football return.

Aguero is Manchester City's record scorer (Getty)
Aguero is Manchester City's record scorer (Getty)

Soon, viewers began asking the Argentinian whether he would return to Independiente, where he started his career before a 2006 move to Atletico Madrid.

Aguero said: "If Carlitos [Tevez, Independiente manager] calls me, what do you expect me to do?”

Aguero added that his plan before retirement was a move from Barca back to Independiente.

"Yes, the idea was to be able to come for six months or a year,” he said. “The idea was to play here and then hang up my boots, but that didn't happen.”

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