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Neal Maupay breaks silence on Kyle Walker incident and responds to lip reader claims

Neal Maupay breaks silence on Kyle Walker incident and responds to lip reader claims

Maupay has given his side.

Neal Maupay has broken his silence on his spat with Kyle Walker earlier this month.

Maupay is regarded as the biggest wind-up merchant in the Premier League, and a few weeks ago Manchester City full-back Kyle Walker found out exactly why.

The duo clashed in a heated exchange during City's 3-1 come-from-behind win against Brentford at the Gtech Community Stadium.

Walker was furious with Brentford's French attacker, and was so incensed that he complained to both the referee and fourth official.

Neither player nor their managers revealed exactly what was said during the confrontation.

However, a forensic lip reader told the Daily Mail that Walker accused Maupay of mentioning his children on two separate occasions.

During the game Walker was mocked by Brentford fans after he revealed he cheated on his wife Annie Kilner and fathered a second secret child with influencer and model Lauryn Goodman.

Now, speaking to The Times, Maupay has denied he used Walker's children as an insult.

"I didn’t think I should have to defend myself for something I didn’t do," the 27-year-old said.

"The people who know me, they know I wouldn’t say something like that, but it is a bit unfair because if I don’t talk then people will think I’m guilty.

When asked what he actually said, Maupay replied: "I’m not going to say but, if you read my lips properly and find out, everyone would laugh.

Maupay and Walker were engaged in a heated feud (Getty)
Maupay and Walker were engaged in a heated feud (Getty)

"I’m just having fun and, on the pitch, I’m trying to do everything to win. If I can say something that puts you off or makes you overthink and make a mistake, I’ll do it.

"People don’t realise how much tension and emotion is involved at the highest level. I think it works quite well and if I can get a reaction, great.

"It’s not personal and I’m sure I’ve never crossed that line. I try to be on the edge but I don’t say stuff about a player’s private life or their family.

"People can judge who someone is from a 90-minute game, but what they see on the pitch isn’t real life. That’s why I’m not really worried about what they think. You could be the nicest player in the world and people would still find a way to hate on you, so I’m just going to keep being me."

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Sky Sports

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