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Man City are 'banned' from wearing FIFA Champions badge vs Everton if they win Club World Cup

Man City are 'banned' from wearing FIFA Champions badge vs Everton if they win Club World Cup

Manchester City will have a special commemorative badge if they win the FIFA Club World Cup on Sunday.

Manchester City will not be able to wear the FIFA Champions badge in their next Premier League game if they win the Club World Cup.

City reached the final of the global competition on Tuesday night courtesy of a routine 3-0 win over Japanese side Urawa Red Diamonds.

A win against Brazilian side Fluminense on Friday will see City crowned champions of the world and add another trophy to their collection.

And the other big benefit of winning the Club World Cup is the addition of the special badges which go in the middle of shirts.

Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have all had them in recent years but there have been mixed reaction when it comes to approval in the Premier League.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Liverpool were only allowed to wear it once in the Premier League and it was set to happen once again with Chelsea.

However, they ended up getting the green light to wear it in multiple games towards the end of the 2021/22 campaign.

The likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid were allowed to wear it in every league game but the Premier League are typically much stricter with it.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

City would be fine to wear it in the FA Cup and Champions League but while the situation is still not completely clear for the Premier League, rule M1.20 in the Premier League handbook states that "Strips of the description thus registered shall be worn throughout the Season immediately following and no changes to it shall be made except with the prior written permission of the Board. Any request for such permission must be made to the Board no less than 14 days before the League Match in which the Club concerned intends to wear the changed Strip."

It means if City win the competition, they will not have enough time to receive approval given their next game against Everton is on 27 December.

The same can be said for the clash with Sheffield United on 30 December, meaning if City are able to display it, the earliest instance in the league will be against Newcastle on 13 January.

Featured Image Credit: Getty & Premier League

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