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Fans argue whether Roy Keane's point has been proven about Erling Haaland as footage resurfaces

Fans argue whether Roy Keane's point has been proven about Erling Haaland as footage resurfaces

Roy Keane was critical of Haaland after Man City's 0-0 draw with Arsenal - and there's now a dispute among fans.

Some fans think that Roy Keane's point about Erling Haaland has been proven after footage of the Manchester City star re-emerged online - but others have backed the striker.

Haaland failed to find the net during City's 0-0 draw against Arsenal on Sunday, and miscued a golden opportunity to score the winner for his side late on.

The Norwegian has now gone five games without a goal for club or country - but is still on course to win a second consecutive Golden Boot.

Haaland's 18 goals put him two ahead of Aston Villa's Ollie Watkins - despite him missing five games through injury earlier in the campaign.

Speaking on Sky Sports after Sunday's draw, Keane stated that Haaland is the best player in the world in front of goal, but believes that he needs to improve his general play - even going as far as suggesting it was 'almost League Two' level.

"The levels of his general play are so poor," he began. "Not just today.

"I think his laying stuff off, headers, whatever it might be. For his general play, for such a player, it is so poor.

"Not just today - he has to improve that. His general play has to improve, and it will do in the next few years."

Now, new training footage of Haaland has emerged that some fans believe reinforces the Manchester United legend's point.

The clip features Haaland taking part in a warm-up session before a City match, although it is unclear when the footage was taken.

One fan claimed; "Great goalscorer, poor footballer."

Another said: "Roy Keane may be onto something about Haaland."

A third added: "People actually think he's better than Mbappe."

Others, though, weren't having any of it, arguing that the footage doesn't make any difference - and that there are far more important parts to Haaland's game.

One wrote: "Haaland is a goal machine, doesn't need to play passes."

A second stated: "He broke multiple records, scored the most goals, won PL, UCL, treble in his first season. But not enough because he missed three passes in a warm-up."

And a third agreed: "Judging a warm-up session. Football Twitter is incredible."

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports / Twitter

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