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Liverpool fans furious as chairman Tom Werner reveals 'crazy' plan for the club that could change everything

Liverpool fans furious as chairman Tom Werner reveals 'crazy' plan for the club that could change everything

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has revealed his plan for the club.

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has angered fans after revealing his crazy plan for the Premier League.

Back in 2010, Werner was appointed Liverpool chairman after Fenway Sports Group acquired the club from George Gillet and Tom Hicks.

Since then, FSG have made some big decisions as they look to put Liverpool back on top of English football.

Although there were some controversial decisions along the way, the FSG era has largely been successful.

However, in a recent interview with the Financial Times, Werner has angered fans by revealing he wants Premier League matches to be played abroad in the future.

He said: “I’m determined one day to have a Premier League game be played in New York City.

“I even have the sort of crazy idea that there would be a day where we play one game in Tokyo, one game a few hours later in Los Angeles, one game a few hours later in Rio, one game a few hours later in Riyadh and make it sort of a day where football, where the Premier League is celebrated.”

Werner continued: “Let’s figure out a way to offer them very cheap travel [and] accommodations so that if Liverpool is playing Nottingham Forest, we will support fans coming to New York.

“[Let’s] make this an attractive thing for the fans as well.”

Reacting on social media, one fan said: “Some opinions are so good they need to be kept to oneself.”

Another tweeted: “They are killing our game for sure.”

A third fan added: “Out of touch owners, worrying.”


However, Liverpool’s principal owner John W Henry said: “It is not something that I advocate or am particularly interested in.”

In a bid to justify his idea, Werner added: “It’s a very competitive business. I think 20 years ago there was a lot more low-hanging fruit, where a Theo Epstein could find success in an avenue that other people weren’t looking at. But sports is now big business, right?

“Teams even in the NBA are going for over £3 billion. I don’t think we have any secret sauce, is what I’m trying to say.”

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