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Liverpool player called out by fans for 'not applauding' Jurgen Klopp during guard of honour

Liverpool player called out by fans for 'not applauding' Jurgen Klopp during guard of honour

The footage from Jurgen Klopp's guard of honour has gone viral.

Fans have singled out at a Liverpool player who 'made a point' by not applauding Jurgen Klopp as he walked through his guard of honour on Sunday.

The German manager said an emotional farewell to the Anfield faithful after his side recorded a comfortable 2-0 win in their final game of the season against Wolves.

Having spent nine memorable years in charge, Klopp delivered a heartfelt speech to those in attendance – and even created a chant for incoming manager Arne Slot.

But before he grabbed the microphone, Liverpool players and staff created a guard of honour for those who will be departing this summer, including Thiago and Joel Matip.

Klopp's assistant Pep Lijnders, who will become head coach of Austrian side RB Salzburg next term, also received a warm reception as he made his way through the tunnel of players.

However, it is the guard of honour for Klopp that has sparked the most reaction online, with fans accusing Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez of 'not applauding' his manager.

X user @ynwamatt, who posted the footage online, was asked who he meant in the above post. "Darwin," he replied. "He clapped for every other player and member of staff that walked through but made a point of not doing so for Klopp."

Here's how fans on social media have reacted to the incident.

One said: "This has proper annoyed me," while another wrote: "What kills me about this is LFC fans and Klopp have consistently backed Nunez when no other big club would."

A third commented: "So Nunez deletes all the LFC content from his Instagram, is the only player who doesn’t clap Klopp's final dressing room speech, then claps everyone’s guard of honour except Klopp's. It’s okay though because he’s funny and causes chaos?"

A fourth said: "Maybe it’s nothing but this is not a good look for him at all."

A fifth added: "To be honest I think it might be that he’s not dealing with Klopp leaving well. He knows without Klopp he probably is going to have even more pressure on him. Either way he should’ve still clapped, i’m glad he did for the other staff."

Later on in the night, Nunez was spotted dancing alongside Klopp at the club's end-of-season party, so the suggestion that he deliberately snubbed his manager may be off the mark.

The German delivered an emotional dressing room speech to his Liverpool players after Sunday's win over Wolves on the final day.

He said: "I love you. That's all I can say. I can't wait to watch you develop, make the next steps.

"I said this morning - people who say 'That's not enough' [the seven trophies], they don't have a clue about football.

"Could we have done better moments? Yes, of course, it's always possible. Did we do better than we can usually expect? Oh yes. Because it takes longer to become a top team again, and you did that like this.

"We came in third in the first season of Liverpool 2.0, and from now on, with new energy from outside, with new influences, with new boosts, proving yourself and all these kinds of things. That's good for squeezing everything out of your career.

"I just want to say - I love you. It was absolutely outstanding - thank you for the ride. I am so proud of you, and so proud that I have been allowed to be part of this. Thank you very much."

Featured Image Credit: X/@ynwamatt

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