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Liverpool fans are convinced they've unearthed moment Jurgen Klopp fell in love with club

Liverpool fans are convinced they've unearthed moment Jurgen Klopp fell in love with club

They have unearthed the moment.

Liverpool fans are convinced they have unearthed the moment Jurgen Klopp fell in love with the club.

On Friday, the German stunned the football world by announcing he was set to depart Liverpool at the end of the season, despite his current deal expiring in 2026.

Klopp joined the club in October 2015 and went on to win almost every trophy available, including the Champions League in 2019 and Liverpool’s first Premier League in 30 years the following season.

However, the 56-year-old announced he was stepping down because he was "running out of energy".

"I told the club already in November," said 56-year-old explained.

"I can understand that it's a shock for a lot of people in this moment, when you hear it for the first time, but obviously I can explain it - or at least try to explain it.

"I love absolutely everything about this club, I love everything about the city, I love everything about our supporters, I love the team, I love the staff. I love everything. But that I still take this decision shows you that I am convinced it is the one I have to take.

"It is that I am, how can I say it, running out of energy. I have no problem now, obviously, I knew it already for longer that I will have to announce it at one point, but I am absolutely fine now. I know that I cannot do the job again and again and again and again."

Klopp insisted he would never manage another club in England, such is his bond with Liverpool.

And fans on social media think they have located the first moment Klopp fell in love with the club.

A clip from 2014 was unearthed on X, formally Twitter, which showed Klopp marvelling at Anfield ahead of a pre-season encounter between Liverpool and the German’s club at the time, Borussia Dortmund.

Klopp is pictured walking down the tunnel and touching its famous ‘This Is Anfield’ sign.

On the clip one supporter wrote: “The most important friendly ever played.”

Another said: “The way he touched it, he knew what this club stood for. Match made in heaven.”

A third person wrote: “It was meant to be.”

Liverpool ultimately went on to win the friendly 4-0.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/ChelseaLFC via X

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