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Jamie Carragher slammed by Chelsea fans for 'deluded' comment after Liverpool's Carabao Cup win

Jamie Carragher slammed by Chelsea fans for 'deluded' comment after Liverpool's Carabao Cup win

Carragher didn't get away with his remark.

Chelsea fans have slammed Jamie Carragher over a claim he made during Liverpool's win in the Carabao Cup final.

Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0 at Wembley in the final on Sunday, with captain Virgil van Dijk scoring the game's only goal in the 118th minute.

The match was a thrilling encounter that either side could have won inside 90 minutes, but in extra-time Chelsea flagged and Liverpool deserved their win.

Liverpool's triumph was particularly impressive because of the injury crisis that has hit Jurgen Klopp's squad.

Liverpool finished the game with six academy graduates on the pitch, and it might have been more if Conor Bradley hadn't been replaced in the second half.

After Liverpool's youngsters defeated a one of the most expensive sides ever assembled, supporters and journalists quickly jumped on the narrative that youth and hunger had beaten money.

Sky Sports pundit and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher certainly thought that was the case.

In the moments after Van Dijk headed home the winner, Carragher claimed that the centre-back’s winner "shows that football isn’t all about money."

However, Chelsea supporters - and those of Liverpool's other rivals - were quick to pounce on Carragher’s words.

The Liverpool legend's snappy soundbite rings a little hollow when you consider that Liverpool parted with £75 million to sign Van Dijk from Southampton in January 2018.

Van Dijk scored a late winner in the Carabao Cup final (Getty)
Van Dijk scored a late winner in the Carabao Cup final (Getty)

The deal made the Dutchman the most expensive defender in the world at the time, and today he is still the third-most expensive.

Fans soon hit out at Carragher’s "deluded" comments on social media.

One said: "Carragher says 'it’s not all about money' as a £75m centre-back scores the f*****g winner!"

Another added: "Winning goal scored by the world’s most expensive defender..."

One irate fan commented: "What kind of punditry is this? He’s talking like Liverpool haven’t spent £800million since Klopp arrived."

Carragher’s comments came after fellow Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville branded Chelsea the "billion pound bottlejobs."

"In extra time, it’s been Jurgen Klopp’s kids against the blue, billion-pound bottlejobs," he said live on air.

"Liverpool have been absolutely sensational. Those young players have been incredible. Klopp must be so proud.

"However, for Chelsea, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. Mauricio Pochettino’s players have shrunk. They have shrunk right in front of our eyes and in front of their fans."

Speaking to reporters after the match, Chelsea boss Pochettino hit back at Neville.

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