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Ally McCoist left Laura Woods visibly stunned with his first 'world class player' pick

Ally McCoist left Laura Woods visibly stunned with his first 'world class player' pick

Woods couldn't believe it.

The debate over which players are truly world class is an interesting one with a wide range of views - but Ally McCoist left Laura Woods stunned with his first choice as he made a mistake with who he meant to name.

There are only a select number of players in the world which could be given the label world class, and the Premier League has a fair few of those now, it is fair to say.

Few would dispute the likes of Manchester City duo Erling Haaland and Kevin de Bruyne being given that label, while Liverpool can boast the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson who are also world class.

And of course, who could forget Mo Salah as being a choice as among the world's best? Well apparently, initially McCoist did just that.

Speaking to TNT Sports host Woods, pundit and former Rangers striker McCoist was asked how many players in the world who could be described as world class, before this was refined to those who are in the Premier League.

And McCoist said 'You like at guys like Zaha, world class' to which Woods responded in astonishment 'Zaha?!' and McCoist quickly corrected himself and said 'I meant Salah!'.

The pair then had quite a chuckle amongst themselves as Woods was taken aback by the selection of former Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha.

Wilfried Zaha. (

Woods said: "Wilfried Zaha? That's an interesting one to go straight to!"

McCoist gave a light hearted response though and said: "It might be controversial but I'm going to start with Wilfried Zaha! He's been a personal favourite of mine for a long time and I'm just going to continue in the controversial theme and I'm going with him.

"When did Wilfried Zaha become Mo Salah? Anyway, do you want to do that question again? Actually we should just leave it in and cause an absolute riot, shouldn't we!

"The man's lost his marbles! Get him off air immediately, get him in a home for old folk and we can send him flowers and go and visit him every Sunday afternoon - we can take him out for a walk on a Sunday!"

A laughing Woods simply replied: "I quite like it - I love that!"

Winger Zaha left Palace in the summer when his contract expired and is now with Turkish outfit Galatasaray.

Featured Image Credit: TNT Sports/X/Screengrab

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