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Laura Woods left in fear after obsessed stalker sent her 'dark' messages for years and threatened to kill dog

Laura Woods left in fear after obsessed stalker sent her 'dark' messages for years and threatened to kill dog

Laura Woods has been left in "real fear" after an obsessive female football fan stalked her.

TNT Sports presenter Laura Woods' shocking stalking hell has been revealed.

According to prosecutor Antonie Muller, Woods has been left in "real fear" after a 25-year-old female football fan became obsessed and threatened to kidnap and kill her dog.

As per the Daily Mail, Harneet Kaur harassed the former Sky Sports host over a two-year period, bombarding with comments from an account with the name 'Krazy Harns' and sending food deliveries such as Krispy Kreme donuts from Just Eat to her house.

On that occasion, Woods was unaware of where the treats had come from and took to her account on X, stating that it had "made her evening".

There was then another order from Starbucks as well as a chocolate lollipop, complete with the note "from your secret admirer and I'm not crazy".

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

But then things escalated, with a series of abusive messages being sent. One saw Kaur call Woods "a former prostitute who slept herself into a job", sending her a voice note and branding her a "Tory" and "cokehead".

Kaura, who is a Liverpool fan banned from Anfield because of ticket touting, was arrested on two occasions in April and August of 2022, with her iPhone seized and searched.

She edited Woods' Wikipedia page with nasty remarks and also organised for a Bible and a sexual health testing kit to be sent to Wood's house in a two-year campaign of harassment.

The 36-year-old worried that Kaur would find her when working and ramped up security measures.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Kaur's barrister said the defendant suffering from autism was a driving force behind her actions but judge Talog Davies felt she was aware of what she was doing and sentenced her to 14 months at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday.

A restraining order has also been sanctioned, meaning Kaura cannot contact Woods and 14 other people, or be within 500m of her home in London.

Woods' victim impact statement said the ordeal had an "enormous and devastating" effect on her.

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