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Kate Abdo breaks the Internet with huge speech after controversial Jamie Carragher comment

Kate Abdo breaks the Internet with huge speech after controversial Jamie Carragher comment

Kate Abdo addressed the incident at the beginning of the show.

Kate Abdo has addressed the backlash from Jamie Carragher's controversial joke towards her on CBS Sports on Tuesday night - and her speech has broken the Internet.

Carragher hit the headlines overnight after a comment he made towards the end of the broadcast of last night's Champions League clash between Arsenal and Porto.

Carragher initially asked Abdo to wear an Arsenal shirt for the closing part of the broadcast - as he and Micah Richards had done earlier in the show.

But Abdo responded: "No, I'm loyal."

The Liverpool legend then made a joke about Abdo's recently announced relationship with boxing trainer Malik Scott, by saying: "Loyal to who? Not to Malik."

There was a brief silence among his fellow pundits, while Carragher was the subject of criticism on social media as a result of the comment.

Neither he nor Abdo had made any public comment prior to tonight's CBS Sports broadcast, which again features Carragher, Richards and Thierry Henry as pundits.

But despite aiming a humorous dig at Carragher by referring to him as 'the middle child', Abdo explained that the pair are still on good terms - and that he has apologised.

In her monologue to open the show, Abdo said: "This group has been together now for three and a half years now. I grew up with a brother, and it feels like I've gained three more here. Let me introduce you to the group again.

"Thierry Henry - the golden child. Can do no wrong. Always says the right thing. Sets the example for the rest of us.

"Can he be intimidating? Yes he can. But he is the big brother that we all look up to and aspire to.

"Then there is the middle child. Jamie Carragher. Chip on his shoulder. Capable of saying anything for attention.

"Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologise? Yes he does. But all of us have that annoying family member that we all love and accept."

"And then there is little bro. Loud but lovable. Micah Richards. Easy to pick, but impossible not to love. And he's everyone's favourite.

"Like a good family, we stick together.

"So here we are - another day, another show. Good to be with you all."

Fans were quick to react to Abdo's monologue on social media, with one writing: "Kate Abdo. Cool as you like. Addresses the Carragher mis-step with the professionalism and grace she's spoiled us with for years on air."

Another added: "CBS and Kate Abdo have addressed the Jamie Carragher situation perfectly here."

A third said: "Kate Abdo - the best broadcaster on TV."

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports

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