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Kate Abdo breaks silence on potential Malik Scott vs Jamie Carragher fight with telling answer

Kate Abdo breaks silence on potential Malik Scott vs Jamie Carragher fight with telling answer

Liverpool legend Carragher made a much-publicised comment about Kate Abdo and Malik Scott on CBS Sports last month.

Kate Abdo has addressed a potential boxing fight between Jamie Carragher and Malik Scott over the former's controversial on-air comment.

During a CBS Sports Champions League broadcast last month, Carragher made a joke surrounding Abdo and her recently announced relationship with Scott, who is a boxing trainer.

The comment gained plenty of traction on social media, with the Liverpool legend subsequently the subject of criticism from fans.

Abdo would address the joke on the next CBS Sports broadcast, drawing a line under the situation by jokingly referring to Carragher as the 'annoying family member that we all love and accept'.

Scott later spoke out, stating that he didn't take the joke personally and that Carragher 'was just being himself'.

He did warn, however, that he would take any joke personally that caused Abdo to 'feel some kind of way about it', and that he would 'show up in a physical manner so we can talk like men'.

Given Scott's profession, therefore, and the rise of celebrity boxing matches in recent years, some fans on social media have called for the American and Carragher to settle things inside the squared circle.

During an interview with iFL TV, Abdo was even asked about the possibility of the pair squaring off one-on-one - and she gave a definitive answer.

After the interviewer joked that 'we all know the answer' about who would win that fight, Abdo replied: "Malik does not want to fight Jamie! Malik and Jamie are cool.

"Listen, I understand why Malik said what he said, but I think also if you read the full extent of what he said, he was super respectful.

"He just said, like anybody would say, if anything was said in the future that would cross the line, I'd want to have a conversation.

"The headlines about, 'I'll turn up in physical fashion', I think that was maybe a little overstated.

"Malik is so secure as a person. Nothing rattles him. If things were switched around the other way, I'd have been nervous, I'd have been in my head.

"Malik's not that bad, he's very comfortable with who he is, he's very comfortable in the relationship. I don't think anything stresses him out."

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports / Instagram/Kate Abdo

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