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The 'impossible' thing Jude Bellingham did in first England training session that left his teammates gobsmacked

The 'impossible' thing Jude Bellingham did in first England training session that left his teammates gobsmacked

Jude Bellingham has become one of the best players in the world after joining Real Madrid.

Conor Coady has revealed the impossible thing Jude Bellingham did during his first England session.

Over the last few years, Bellingham has developed into one of the finest talents in world football.

After impressing at Birmingham City, the midfielder moved to German Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund.

Last summer, the 20-year-old completed a move to Spanish side Real Madrid.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Rest Is Football podcast, Coady spoke about Bellingham.

Host Gary Lineker asked: “I can’t let you go without asking about Jude Bellingham, what’s he like?”

Coady replied: “The best, the best, honestly.

“I remember I was in his first squad and when he first came in I think he had only made one appearance for the U21s and he came into the senior squad, he was unbelievable.”


He added: “I remember his first session and he megged me right. He megged me but he megged me in terms of he shouldn’t have megged me.

“We play this game with the little goals, so I stand in front of the goal and I said go to another goal, you ain’t scoring here.

“So he has his back to me and as he’s got his back to me, you’ve all probably seen the one where you drag the ball round and as you drag it round you keep it close to your foot and flick it through someone’s legs.

“And he’s done that to me and scored, it was impossible to do and I don’t know how he did it. I turned to the camera and went ‘don’t you dare put that f**king on social media.”

Speaking about his recent form, Coady added: “From there, he’s gone on to do what he’s done, we all see what he’s doing at Real Madrid.

“What a person, even better player and just absolutely incredible all round and I think we’re going to build this England team around him aren’t we for the next 10, 15 years which is a real exciting thing to think about.”

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