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Major update on plan to introduce the European Super League has been explained

Major update on plan to introduce the European Super League has been explained

The European Super League could still happen in the future

There has been an update on the plan to introduce the European Super League.

After it looked like the idea was dead and buried back in 2021, the European Court of Justice has ruled that UEFA and FIFA acted against competition law by blocking the formation of the European Super League last week.

The ECJ has dealt a blow to UEFA and FIFA in their efforts to kill off the European Super League as the future of football remains in the balance.

Despite the ruling, a fair few clubs have already rejected the European Super League, including the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Now, according to El Espanol, there has been an update on the European Super League.

The report stated: “During the coming months, the Super League will begin a new round of conversations with the clubs in which it will explain both its business plan and the guidelines in the sporting field. The objective is to convince the greatest number of teams, now that they can choose freely without risk of a sanction from UEFA.

“Several clubs that issued a statement supporting UEFA competitions after the CJEU ruling have already contacted A22 Sports Management to start conversations and learn about the project. Therefore, it is expected that the number of teams joining the Super League will grow exponentially in the coming months.”


Responding to the original ruling, a statement from UEFA read: “This ruling does not signify an endorsement or validation of the so-called ‘super league’; it rather underscores a pre-existing shortfall within UEFA's pre-authorisation framework, a technical aspect that has already been acknowledged and addressed in June 2022.

“UEFA is confident in the robustness of its new rules, and specifically that they comply with all relevant European laws and regulations.”

It continued: “UEFA remains resolute in its commitment to uphold the European football pyramid, ensuring that it continues to serve the broader interests of society. We will continue to shape the European sports model collectively with national associations, leagues, clubs, fans, players, coaches, EU institutions, governments and partners alike.

“We trust that the solidarity-based European football pyramid that the fans and all stakeholders have declared as their irreplaceable model will be safeguarded against the threat of breakaways by European and national laws.”

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