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Why groundbreaking Euro 2024 technology cannot be used in top European leagues next season

Why groundbreaking Euro 2024 technology cannot be used in top European leagues next season

The technology cannot be transferred to individual leagues - yet.

The groundbreaking new ball technology used at Euro 2024 cannot be transferred to European leagues yet.

The tournament has seen the continued use of semi-automated offsides, which was successfully trialled at the 2022 World Cup.

PGMOL have an agreement with the 20 Premier League teams to introduce the semi-automated system at some point during the autumn, although a specific date has yet to be confirmed.

The hope is that the system will help to speed up the VAR process, while removing the human error element from close calls in terms of the drawing of the lines.

But a new feature at Euro 2024 is a microchip, which is placed inside the Adidas-designed ball.

The chip is essentially a sensor, which allows UEFA officials to identify exactly where the ball is on the pitch and when it makes contact with players.

Part of the new technology includes a 'Snickometer', which has been used for many years in cricket to determine when the ball has hit any part of the bat.

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For football, a sound wave monitor tracks when there is contact with the ball.

The technology was showcased for the first time during Belgium's 1-0 defeat to Slovakia on Monday, which saw Belgium have a goal ruled out by VAR for a Lois Openda handball. Snicko was used to confirm whether Openda had indeed handballed in the build-up to Romelu Lukaku's finish.

But the technology cannot be transferred to European leagues at the current moment.

Dale Johnson reports that none of Europe's top five leagues can use the ball, as it is designed by Adidas and they have contracts with other ball suppliers.

The chip - or the way in which the chip is placed in the ball - is also patented by Adidas, meaning other ball providers would have to create their own version for it to work.


The company who helped to design the chip, Kinexon, have worked with Derbystar and Puma in the past. Both La Liga and Serie A use Puma, while the Bundesliga uses a Derbystar ball.

The Premier League are contracted to use Nike balls from the 2024/25 season, but will move over to Puma balls for the start of the 2025/26 campaign.

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