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Fans couldn't believe what Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn said in his post-match interview after Hungary defeat

Fans couldn't believe what Scotland goalkeeper Angus Gunn said in his post-match interview after Hungary defeat

Angus Gunn's interview after Scotland's defeat to Hungary left many fans gobsmacked.

Angus Gunn's interview after Scotland were sent home from Euro 2024 following a last-gasp loss to Hungary.

Scotland finished bottom of Group A after managing just a single point in three games.

Steve Clarke's side threw everything late on in a bid to bag a late winning goal that may have sealed their progression to the knockout stages.

But they were undone by a sucker punch. With 10 minutes of stoppage time awarded after a horrific collision saw Barnabas Varga stretchered off, Kevin Csoboth came up with an emotional winner in the dying embers.

Varga was lay motionless for a considerable period and had sheets placed around him after Gunn accidentally wiped him out.

His teammates were extremely concerned, with Liverpool star and Hungary captain Dominik Szoboszlai seen distressed and in tears.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Fortunately Varga was taken to hospital and became stable, with a second update stating he was expected to undergo surgery on facial fractures and also suffered a concussion.

After the game Gunn, who also landed awkwardly, was brought in for an interview with BBC and was asked about colliding with Varga.

He said: "Who's that?... Was that the guy?... It was a bit of a blur yeah. I had to come and I thought I done well.

"It was painful but hopefully the guy's alright. And obviously Raldo [Anthony Ralston] got up as well. I can't really remember to much about that one.

"But unfortunately they managed to counter at the end and it was a bit of a sucker punch because I thought we defended well for most of the games."

But the way in which he answered questions about the incident irked many viewers.

One fan wrote: "Honestly gobsmacked at that interview

A second said: "I know he must be gutted about getting knocked out but what a terrible interview."

A third fumed: "Jesus wept he’s come out with a monster challenge and knocked a guy clean out and possibly into a seizure on the pitch and this is his response that he didn’t even remember it?

A fourth added: "Was such a bizarre interview."

A final person tweeted: "Zero class, find shame."

Others did sympathise with Gunn, feeling as though he may well have been flustered and shaken up after the incident.

Manager Marco Rossi has confirmed Varga will play no further part in the tournament if Hungary go through.

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